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Guntner US: Miguel Garrido is Executive President

Since December 1st, 2017, Miguel Garrido is Executive President of Guntner US LLC.

After 17 years selling Güntner products at the Spanish distribution partner, he joined Güntner in 2013 as Sales Director for Western Europe. During the last five years, he was responsible for the development of the business specifically in the fields EPC and Industrial Refrigeration. As Executive President, he is not only responsible for managing the US office, but will also continue to focus on applications using natural refrigerants.

Expert in systems using natural refrigerants

Miguel Garrido is an expert in the use of natural refrigerants, having worked on a multitude of projects in Industrial Refrigeration using CO2 or NH3. He is IIAR member in USA and also part of Eurammon Steering Committee in Europe. Eurammon is a European joint initiative of companies, institutions and individuals who advocate an increased use of natural refrigerants in the interest of a healthy environment, and thereby encourage a sustainable approach in refrigeration engineering.*

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