The Güntner Benefit - Storage of delicate, unpacked goods

  • Low moisture loss
    Low moisture loss of the goods is achieved by the lowest possible temperature difference and a high air change rate. This should be considered early on with the cold storage room’s configuration. Güntner evaporators and air coolers can be precisely configured for the application case with a low Δt with the Güntner configuration software

  • Material
    The resistance of the materials used is put to tough tests with the high air humidity in the cold storage room and the cleaning agents used. Güntner delivers coolers with varying materials, which can be selected in the GPC.

  • Factory-fitted modules
    Factory-fitted modules save time with installation and start-up. Güntner heat exchangers are optionally available with a factory-fitted thermostatic expansion valve. This enables precise controlling of the refrigerant injection for precise temperature adherence. With hot gas defrosting the units can be delivered with tubing already installed between the tray and the coil. The check valve can also be delivered already mounted.

  • Costumer series and special constructions
    Special applications require special solutions. Güntner has been constructing and producing special units and customized series for decades.