The Güntner Benefit - Storage of packed goods

  • Highly efficient cooler
    Highly efficient, fail-safe Güntner coolers have high cooling power. The coolers are equipped for this with a staggered tube system, internally grooved tubes and special fin geometries.

  • Even air distribution
    Güntner evaporators and air coolers are equipped with tried and tested quality fans. This ensures a high air change rate in the cold storage room and the goods are continuously circulated with cold air. Without using additional energy, the air throw range of the fans can be optionally increased with the Güntner Streamer.

  • Good cold storage room utilization
    Güntner evaporators and air coolers in various construction designs offer optimum utilization of the cold storage room. You can therefore select coolers that precisely fit into the cold storage room’s geometry. The goods can be stacked up to the ceiling with the use of the space-saving CAC slimline ceiling-mounted evaporator and the CAD dual discharge unit cooler.

  • Efficient defrosting
    Güntner evaporators and air coolers can be equipped with various options for fast and thorough defrosting:
    - Hinged tray as standard
    - Defrosting flap
    - Hot gas defrosting for coil and tray
    - Electric heating for coil, tray and fans
    - Water defrosting sprinkler
    - Brine defrosting

    These options are delivered factory-fitted for fast customer-side installation.