Dual Coil Cooler / Freezer

2 - 25 Tons


Aircooler for industrial refrigeration

Large heat-exchanging surface

Many design types



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  • Cold rooms
  • Refrigerated Warehouse
  • Sensitive Produce
  • Meat, Fish, Poultry
  • Fruit and Vegetables


Dual Coil Cooler / Freezer


Large heat exchange surface area


Fans & motors

  • Reliable high quality fan and motor combination

Long service life

  • Robust industrial design

Proven Güntner floating coil concept

  • The proven Güntner floating coil concept prevents the refrigerant carrying tubes from coming into contact with the tube sheets. This concept allows for thermal expansion and contraction of the tubes without the risk of tube damage at the tube sheets, thereby reducing the chances of refrigerant leaks

Technical details

Heat exchanger

  • Parallel tube geometry
  • Enhanced copper tubes
  • Optimally enhanced aluminum fins for increased heat transfer


  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy AIMg
  • Galvanized steel from 650 mm (25") fan diameter
  • Powder-coated with RAL 9003

Drain Pan

  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy AIMg
  • Powder-coated with RAL 9003


  • Proven quality fans
  • Motor protection with thermocontacts
  • 230V, 1Ph, 50/60Hz up to fan diameter 400mm (15")
  • 230/460V, 3Ph, 50/60Hz from fan diameter 450mm (16")
  • All motors wired to terminal strip within junction box



  • Epoxy coated aluminum fins
  • Insulated drain pan
  • Insulated fan panels
  • Stainless steel tubes
  • Stainless steel fins
  • Casing and pan made of stainless steel

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