GMM Step professional
GMM Step professional

GMM Step professional

Step control or AC fans (up to 9 steps)


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GMM Step professional

Step control or AC fans (up to 9 steps)




  • Cost-efficient control

IP 54 protection rating
Control mode

  • The spraying is switched on section by section according to the fluid temperature
  • Up to 9 controlled sections
  • Power spectrum up to 18 fans
  • GHM 230 V; fans 230 V or 400 V

Fan: AC (1~), AC (3~)
Area of application

  • Condenser – pressure-dependent control
  • Drycooler – temperature-dependent control

Special features

  • Operational and fault signalling
  • Slave mode (external control value setting)
  • Internal alarm memory
  • External setpoint changeover
  • External temperature-dependent setpoint displacement
  • Manual mode
  • Refrigerant input possible
  • Internal time program
  • Optimum pressure or temperature control
  • External setpoint setting possible
  • Maintenance mode
  • Alarm management
  • Heating/cooling switchover
  • Communicative (bus module GCM as option)
  • 2nd control cycle with maximum value control
  • Intuitive operability
  • Integrated PID controller with default parameters, freely adjustable

Combination with switch cabinet

  • GCP switch cabinet


  • GSW pressure sensor 25 bar
  • GSW pressure sensor 40 bar
  • GTF temperature sensor
  • GHP / GHPF manual potentiometer / setpoints
  • GCM-M Modbus modules
  • GCM-P Profibus modules

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