Air Cooled Fluid Cooler (V-Shape)

5 - 100 Tons


Small set-up; low height

Combined positioning of units possible

Several units save space


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  • Machine Cooling
  • Process Cooling
  • Oil Cooling
  • Free Cooling
  • Power Distribution Processes


Air Cooled Fluid Cooler (V-Shape)


Installation / Maintenance / Inspection

  • Factory fitted rigging lugs allow for positioning directly from truck

High thermal capacity

  • Space saving construction with increased capacity
  • Low width and weight
  • Approx. 50% more capacity per footprint
  • Side by side installation allows for higher capacities with a reduced footprint

Clean fin design

  • "Split fin" type not used - so as to prevent dirt / dust accumulation

Fans and Motors

  • Reliable high quality fan motors
  • Several noise levels available
  • Option for high efficiency EC motors

Proven Güntner floating coil concept

  • The proven Güntner floating coil concept prevents the refrigerant carrying tubes from coming into contact with the tube sheets. This concept allows for thermal expansion and contraction of the tubes without the risk of tube damage at the tube sheets, thereby reducing the chances of refrigerant leaks


  • Option for high efficiency EC motors
  • Corrosion-protected fins
  • Circuit breakdown
  • EC fans with Motor Management
  • Quiet fans
  • Epoxy-resin coated fins
  • Special varnishing
  • Max. operating pressure 41 bar
  • Empty casing (fitted at the side)
  • Vibration dampers
  • Split circuit



Adiabatic Cooling System (ACS)

The ACS features adiabatic pre-cooling of the intake air significantly increasing the thermal performance of the cooler, with minimal water usage.

Some important benefits of the ACS are:

  • Eco - Friendly operation
  • Energy efficient – significant energy savings
  • Zero/minimal water treatment requirements
  • Reduced footprint
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • No risk of Legionella
  • An attractive alternative to evaporative cooling
  • Reduced maintenance

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