Ceiling Hung Unit Cooler with finoox® technology

0.84 - 44.24 Tons



GHN - Ceiling Hung Unit Cooler

Key product features

Guntner Incline Design

  • Better routing of air flow
  • Improved drain pan

Condensate free drain pan design

  • The design of the drain pan prevents condensate formation due to thermal insulation

Effortless cleaning

  • Hinged fan assemblies provide easy access to the coil for cleaning purposes
  • Construction detail takes accessibility into account and does not allow for tight spots
  • All parts are easily accessible for service and cleaning purposes

Defrost flap

  • Secure and complete defrosting
  • Contains heat within the evaporator during the defrost period

Installation / Maintenance / Inspection

  • Refrigerant connections are easily accessible within the hinged panels
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Factory fitted accessories (optional) reduce installation costs
  • Hot gas piping between coil and pan, complete with check valve, factory fitted

Fans & motors

  • Reliable high quality fan and motor combination
  • Increased air throw with Guntner streamer (optional)
  • High air quantities
  • Premium efficient motors
  • External rotor design or "standard" squirrel cage design

Refrigerant distributor

  • One TXV per unit for most evaporators
  • Refrigerant distribution into coil is optimized via specific selection based on operating conditions and refrigerant

Proven Guntner floating coil concept

  • The proven Guntner floating coil concept prevents the refrigerant carrying tubes from coming into contact with the tube sheets. This concept allows for thermal expansion and contraction of the tubes without the risk of tube damage at the tube sheets, thereby reducing the chances of refrigerant leaks

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