Efficient production processes and durable, long-life products

Careful use of resources in all our processes and an awareness of our responsibility to the environment are constant factors in shaping our sustainable business practices. We apply this philosophy every day by continuously working to lower the environmental impact of our products.

At Güntner, highest quality is our standard. We achieve this end by employing resource-conserving processes in manufacturing our energy-efficient, long-life heat exchangers and control systems, that are carefully designed to provide many years of reliable service. Our goal is nothing less than ensuring utmost customer satisfaction by offering energy-efficient, resource-conserving products in the most modern design.

Furthermore, we place great emphasis on ensuring the occupational health and safety of our workers. To achieve this, we’re continuously working to improve both the safety features of our products as well as the production processes used to make them.

In the following sections – Quality, Environment, Health and Safety – you can find out more about what we mean by sustainable business practices at Güntner.


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