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Access & Egress

ECOSS provides some unique ACCESS and EGRESS features that make routine maintenance requirements easy:

  • Integral catwalk and perimeter railing provide easy access and egress to top of unit.
  • Piston assisted swing-away fans provide easy access to drift eliminators and spray nozzles.
  • Internal walkway provides access and egress path for servicing spray nozzles.

Reduce Fan Drive Maintenance and Energy Cost

EC fans motors save about $160 to $175, per HP annually versus a belt drive system with NEMA motor and VFD

Direct Drive EC Fans eliminate the annual maintenance labor associated with the following:

  • Belt adjustments or replacements
  • Sheave adjustments or replacements
  • Greasing of bearings
  • Replacement of pedestal bearings
  • Replacement of fan drive shafts

NO Passivation Maintenance

ECOSS stainless steel coils and surfaces are self-passivating and as a result eliminate the labor and material cost associated with start-up passivation chemicals.

Operate at higher cycles of concentration

Annual OM COST Savings of $20,000.00 to $90,000.00

High efficiency fans provide annual energy savings of $6,000.00 to $9,000.00.

Operating at higher COC provides annual water treatment savings of $13,000 to $78,000.00

Self-passivating stainless steel provides annual passivation chemical savings of $1200.00

The elimination of belt drive maintenance provides annual savings of $2500.00