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Stainless Steel Coil

Coil constructed to ASME section VIII BPV Code:

  • Designed for MAWP of 380 PSIG [27% higher than galvanized designs]
  • 316L core tubes as standard design [allowing operation at higher COC's]
  • Optional ASME U stamp certification

Self-passivating [NO start-up or ongoing passivation chemicals required]

Optimal tube diameter and spacing provides:

  • External surface area to coil volume ratio that is 39% more than the competition.
  • 3/4" tube diameter provides 37% less refrigerant charge
  • NO Performance DERATE for 316L tubes

Direct Drive EC Fans

Direct Drive EC [Electronically Commutated Motors] Fan Motors

  • Integrated speed control [NO VFD Power Losses]
  • +90% efficient at all operating speeds
  • 30% more efficient than NEMA motor with VFD
  • NO Belt Transmission losses [6 to 7% on average]
  • Power rating is P1 based [at the leads…not the shaft]

Fan Management System

Fully integrated motor management and control system

  • Controls fan speed based on control set-point to 10% of full speed.
  • Operates in slave or master mode.
  • Communicates all fan motor parameters both locally and externally [BUS, Wifi, Ethernet].
  • Monitors all fan motor operating parameters and alarms.

Water Management System

Further integrated water management system working in conjunction with air management

  • Controls pump start and stop using fan speed and setpoint information
  • Communicates to air management system to exchange critical information
  • External control to operate in slave mode
  • Water level regulation through advanced microwave technology
  • Water quality control using conductivity sensor and make-up/blow-down valves
  • Stored pump and water information for better system management