NH3 Low Charge Technology

The Industrial Refrigeration landscape has not changed in the past century; until now, and the changes are ground-breaking. Innovative technologies have paved the way for refrigeration systems to function in ways previously considered to be “no go” zones. Regulatory compliance, safety considerations and refrigerant phase out protocols are becoming more burdensome on owners, which is ultimately driving the necessity for change.

A low charge refrigeration system was previously unheard of in the Industrial Refrigeration arena, especially when using ammonia as the refrigerant. This however, is what has revolutionized the industry. Low charge systems are a reality, and particularly benefitting to end users. Precise refrigerant metering devices now allow for drastically reduced recirculation rates for liquid overfeed systems, and direct expansion systems, to function reliably – which was unheard of in the past.

This in turn presents manufacturers of heat exchangers for low charge systems with a new set of challenges;

  • Ensuring reliable refrigerant distribution into the heat exchanger
  • Maintaining fluid velocities within the core tubes to prevent phase separation
  • Enhancing tube geometries, and profiles, to achieve optimal heat transfer coefficients, and
  • Providing proven performance ratings for heat exchangers for these low charge applications

In order to validate our position as a leader in heat exchange technologies, especially for low charge ammonia systems, required us to embark on a rigorous test program to confidently offer proven solutions which surpass that of our competitors. This is an essential part of our research and development protocol and has been successfully accomplished.

The Güntner group has invested in this ground breaking technology and we can re-affirm our position as leaders within the Industrial Refrigeration market segment. Therefore, as our partner you can feel confident in applying this technology and enhancing your system solution offerings.

Güntner is an active participant in numerous organizations engaged with the promotion of Natural Refrigerants. This is just one example of our commitment to the industries served, safety, and environmental sustainability.



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